CA Scholarship:

Half scholarship for one year

- Earlier applicants have priority
- The duration of the scholarship one year
- scholarship after more than 50% discount

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Classical Arabic:

Program are divided into 3 main stages:

- Elementary
- Intermediate
- Advanced

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Modern Standard Arabic:

Program are divided into 4 main stages:

- Pre elementary
- Elementary
- Intermediate
- Advanced
Number of levels 13 level

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Egyptian Colloquial Arabic:

It consists of the following stages:

- Beginners
- Intermediate
- Upper Intermediate
- Early Advanced
- Higher Advanced

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Islamic & Qur’anic Studies:

The student will study the following topics:

- Fiqh
- Serah
- Creed
The course is delivered in English for non-Arabic speakers.

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Arabic Calligraphy:


- basics of writing Arabic alphabet
- different styles of Arabic calligraphy

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Media Arabic :

Arabic Media and journalist course:

- A specialized course that enables the students to follow the news, read newspapers and understands the journalistic terminologies...

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Children Courses:

Children will acquire:

- Basic skills of Arabic
- Short vowels
- Basic vocabulary
- simple grammar rules

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Conversation courses :

Speak Arabic fluently :

Our conversation courses provide you with the fundamentals of how to hold a conversation with other people.....

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Advanced Programs :

WE provide CA Courses for advanced levels:

- Nahu
- Balagha
- Sarf
- Al-Alfeya
- Al-Ajromeya

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