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Arabi Center is an Egyptian institution established for teaching Arabic language to non-Arabic-speakers.





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Arabi center’s vision is to become a leading center in the field of teaching Arabic as a second language,, promoting for cross-cultural understanding and communication,, introducing the real image of the Egyptian community and the Arab world in general as Arabi Center strongly believes that language is not just words and it is the gate way to any culture and civilization …


We aim at introducing a new definition to the process of teaching Arabic as a second language.
Our mission lies in using the latest and most adequate teaching methods... Providing different options and diverse programs to our students in order to meet their needs regarding the tutoring practice and activities…

Arabi Center’s location

It is ideally located downtown Alexandria, 6 the Roman Museum street. Arabi Center convenient location grants it profound significance; it is almost in the city center near to many essential facilities among them are Alexandria University Campus, Bibliotheca Alexandrina ( B.A.), El Nozha Airport, Masr Train Station and several consulates.


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