Students comments

Studying here at the Arabi center has been fruitful . in these past  four months I learned more than I had learned  in the two years I studied Arabic  in my university.
The teacher and the stuff were excellent. I especially liked that I could ask about anything that I wanted to know and I could ask the teacher to teach things that were not included in the curriculum.
The atmosphere in the lessons was nice and relaxed and that helped in the learning. Thank you all, especially all the nice teacher I will always consider all of them responsible for being the ones that actually taught me the essential basics of Arabic language
Farid Ramadan
Finland (2012 )

  أنا أحب مركز عربي
مدرسون و موظفون لطيفون وجيـدون وممتعون . لو عندي فرصة ، أريد أن استمر دائماً

شكراً جزيلاً

(آسومي مورويا) اليابان 2012

Thank you very much for organizing such an interesting cooking session for our students.
Laura Mates (Cambridge univ.)

Thanks for giving our students a flavor of Egyptian cooking.
They enjoyed it as well as the teachers.
Laura Mcintosh (Cambridge Univ.)

 Thank you for a thrilling time. Both the students
and the teachers thoroughly enjoyed it.
Kind regards,
Julain … Cambridge

Thank you for providing a clean and friendly environment
for study.Particularly I want to thank my teacher who was
devoted to teachme Arabic.

Oliver Szzvedra

Thank you so much for everything. I really enjoyed  my time at the center. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I hope to come back again soon to continue my studies. I wish everyone the best …

Michael Paulus (USA)

Thank you for the worm welcome and tour of your culture center…
Drew Hazel ( Vergenia Tech.)

Thank you for having us !
Jennifer Smith   (Vergenia Tech.)

We appreciate the tour of your facility, and your  great hospitality.
Chris Setler (Vergenia Tech.)

Dear friends,
Thank you very much for the warm reception, kindness, assistance, friendliness and of course classes in Arabic.
It’s been a pleasure for me to come to your center to study and know you. I hope to come here again ISA.

Yours,   (Inna … Belorussia )


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