Modern standard arabic (msa)


By the end of the levels the student can:

Pre-elementary Stage ( 1 level ) :

By the end of the stage, the student will learn:

• To read and write Arabic alphabet.
• To use various forms of greetings and common phrases.
• The Basic vocabulary.
• The aspects of Arab culture.

Elementary Stage ( 5 levels ) :

By the end of the stage, the student will learn:

• Read, write and pronounce Arabic alphabet skillfully.
• Use the Arabic expressions of reception and farewell (at home, at the airport, at office, hotels, restaurants, etc.).
• Communicate with people in the market (buying, selling, etc…).
• Tell the time and know the days of the week, months and seasons of the year in Arabic.
• Use present and past tenses and read Arabic newspaper.

Intermediate Stage ( 4 levels ) :

By the end of the Intermediate stage student can hold discussions on some of the Middle East issues such as:

• Administration policy in the Arab countries.
• The art of Arabic calligraphy.
• Media in the Arab world.

Furthermore, he will be able to:
• Use the Arabic dictionary skillfully.
• Know the derivation rules of Arabic morphology.
• Enlarge his vocabulary in a way that helps him to take part in
discussions efficiently.

Advanced Stage ( 3 levels ) :

The Advanced Stage enables the students to:

• Hold discussions on current events.
• Read and understand different types of texts written on various
topics in Arabic.
• Understand the deep and hidden meaning of texts written in Arabic.
• Compare and contrast the different opinions.
• Speak Arabic fluently.


Program are divided into 4 main stages:

- Pre-elementary
- Elementary
- Intermediate
- Advanced