Arabi kichen was founded under the umbrella of  Arabi center, based on the idea of linking the Arabic language with culture. It is characterized by holding courses and workshops for the teaching of culinary arts in theory and practice.

These courses offer housewives the knowledge and basics of culinary arts, and a variety of new dishes from all over the Arab world with specialized chefs including:
(Main dishes - soups - salads and entrees - pastries  ).

There are also specialized theory and practically courses for chefs to increase and improve their skills in the field of culinary arts. In addition, there are special courses for those wishing to start a specialized project in this field.

Also we offer a specialized section to children called the "Small Cooker" to enhance their talents and develop their food and health culture.

events and courses :

The theoretical seminars, especially the Arab kitchen process, are held on a monthly basis. They are a variety of seminars and each seminar is distinguished from other seminars. It is held by specialists in the field of kitchen
In the event that the symposium has won the admiration of the participants is a full course specialized for them, and these seminars are as follows:

- Various kinds of oriental sweets .
- Western sweets
- Pastries and baked goods
- Salads and appetizers from around the world
- Types of different soups
- Main dishes of different cultures

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