Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA)


1- Egyptian coloquial arabic:

By the end of these five stages the student can:

- Introduce himself and ask people about their personal information.
- Use forms of greetings, welcoming, buying and selling…
- Initiate and respond to conversation.
- Communicate with people in public places.
- The student will end up speaking Egyptian colloquial Arabic Fluently
in real life situations.


2- Arabic Sound Transcription:
  • - It is designed for the non Arabic speakers to learn to speak Egyptian colloquial Arabic.
    - The course’s material uses English transcription of Arabic sounds to
    fulfill the needs of the student who is interested in speaking Arabic in short time without learning the Arabic alphabet.
    - Two levels course.
    - Each level is 40 hours.


A multi stage course that enables you to communicate
with Egyptians, It consists of the following :

- Beginners.
- Intermediate.
- Upper Intermediate.
- Early Advanced.
- Higher Advanced.

( Each stage 2 levels - each level 40 Hrs )